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Lady Popular

Lady Popular is a game about glamour, fashion, parties, and hi-life. The player controls the life of a virtual Lady and has to build her image and make her successful in life.
First you choose a name for your Lady. Then you should start her career so that she earns a definite amount of money. When you have some money, you can take your Lady to check the Mall. The world of the Mall is limitless. There are over 16 million clothes combinations, many shoes, bags, bracelets, earrings, rings and different accessories. You can select the color of each item in the Mall.
When you have the right combination of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, you should visit the hairstylist and select the color and style of your hair. You can also choose your make up – lipstick, eye lashes, eyebrows, rouge and even tan.
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You got to push it-this essetnial info that is!
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